Equally Well UK

Equally Well UK is a collaborative initiative between Rethink Mental Illness, Centre for Mental Health and Kaleidoscope Health and Social Care. Our aim is to establish a learning network to improve the physical health of people living with mental illness. Supporting this work are people with experience of mental illness, who provide valuable insight and ensure everything we do is focused on their needs.


Physical health leaflet for people using mental health inpatient services

We have designed a new information leaflet about physical health checks in inpatient mental health services so people know what to expect. This leaflet is also part of our comprehensive CQUIN Toolkit.


Good health guide

You can help people living with mental illness get healthier by sharing this guide with them. It’s full of practical information and helpful tips.


Physical health guide for carers

This guide aims to help carers, families and friends obtain better physical healthcare for the person they care for. It contains tips on medication, preparing for GP appointments and sharing information.


Physical health check flyer

This is a great, simple resource with all the basic facts you need to know about physical health checks. It is something that can be easily shared online or put up in a waiting room at a GP surgery.


What's reasonable?

A useful guide for GP surgeries on how to make reasonable adjustments for people affected by mental illness, as outlined in the Equality Act 2010.  


Young people and medication


The Prescribing Observatory for Mental Health (POMH-UK) has produced a physical health information booklet for young people taking antipsychotic medication. It may also be helpful for families and carers when a child or young person is first prescribed medication. 

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