CQUIN Toolkit

We’ve developed a toolkit of resources to support the 2014/15 Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) programme to improve the physical health of people affected by mental illness.

Our CQUIN Toolkit includes:

  • our Integrated Physical Health Pathway, which is endorsed by the Royal Colleges of GPs, Nursing and Psychiatrists
  • the Physical Health Check Tool
  • the Self-Assessment of Readiness for Implementation Tool (SARIT)
  • information sheets and practical resources to help staff implement the CQUIN programme.

We will continue to update our Toolkit so healthcare professionals have access to the most up-to-date and best resources to support the physical health of people living with mental illness.

Lester update 2016

This updated framework supports health professionals to assess and act on cardiometabolic risks in people affected by mental illness. This tool is referenced in the 2014/15 CQUIN on improving physical health outcomes for people with mental illness.

CQUIN ward poster

This two-part poster, endorsed by the Royal Colleges of GPs, Nursing and Psychiatrists, supports the Lester update and includes space to promote local services that offer follow-up interventions. We recommend that this is printed A3.

Integrated Physical Health Pathway 2014

Our updated Integrated Physical Health Pathway, endorsed by the Royal Colleges of GPs, Nursing and Psychiatrists, supports primary and secondary care services to work together to monitor and address the physical health needs of people affected by mental illness.


Self-Assessment of Readiness for Implementation Tool (SARIT)


This tool provides recommendations for staff at a service provider that is looking to introduce the CQUIN programme. This information is separated into a table of recommendations and guidance, which should be used together.


SARIT table of recommendations


SARIT guidance

Physical Health Check Tool 2014

This tool is designed to improve the monitoring of physical health for people affected by mental illness. It provides a structured way of discussing and assessing physical health concerns. A key part of the check is the action plan, which was drawn up collaboratively by health professionals and people who use mental health services.

Physical health ward protocol

A monitoring chart, developed by South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, outlining physical health monitoring during a person's stay in an inpatient ward. It includes information about who should be carrying out these checks and when. We recommend that this is printed A3.

NICE guidelines

This document contains links to all the NICE guidelines relevant to the 2014/15 CQUIN and Lester update 2014.

Information leaflets

We have produced two information leaflets to support physical health checks and services implementing the CQUIN. You can download these for free below:

Physical health information leaflet: people using mental health inpatient services

Physical health information leaflet: health professionals

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