Co-production in commissioning

Our Progress through Partnership report reveals that the majority of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) do not have clear plans in place for involving people with experience of mental illness in the design and commissioning of mental health services (also known as co-production).

CCGs told us that with enormous pressure on resources and very full remits, it was difficult to prioritise implementing new ways to involve experts-by-experience. This is despite recommendations set out in the Mental Health Taskforce’s Five Year Forward View for Mental Health to roll-out co-production across the country.

We are now recommending that bodies such as  NHS England provide national leadership, advice and support for CCGs. This should include NHS developing mechanisms to monitor whether a CCG has established co-production and recommending the use of our helpful Commissioners Co-production Grid.

We also work closely with policy makers to embed co-production in CCGs, sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) and service providers around the country.

Are you a commissioner?

If you are unsure how to start embedding co-production in your area, read our guide to help you get started. 

Questions about co-production?

If you’re thinking about co-producing services locally and would like information or support, please contact us at



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