About the campaign

Our In Sight In Mind campaign with the Royal College of Psychiatrists is calling for people with the most severe forms of mental illness to have access to the services they need in their local area. Watch the video below to learn more and find out how you can get involved.

What's the problem?

If you were living with a serious mental health problem, would you want to be sent far away from home to receive the care you need? The answer is probably no.

The NHS plans to stop out of area treatment for most mental health inpatients, but this doesn’t apply to people who need long term treatment for psychosis. We’re campaigning to change this.

Rehabilitation services – not to be confused with drug or alcohol rehab – for people with the most enduring mental health problems aim to support them to live increasingly independently. They should be doing all they can to help people who have often already been in hospital for a long time to transition back into the community.

That’s why it’s vital that rehabilitation services are in the communities that they serve. Out of area placements last on average twice as long and as a result cost twice as much. Of the £535m spent each year on mental health rehabilitation services, around two thirds is spent on patients who are placed out of area.  It’s a case of the people who are most unwell getting the worse care.

The problem has been highlighted by the Care Quality Commission and recognised by NHS England, but we need to see dramatic change, so that excellent local services are available for everyone.


Get involved

Join the campaign and be part of a movement to make sure the most marginalised people in society have access to the local services they need to get better.

Share your story with us - we are eager to hear from people that have you been sent away from home to a rehabilitation service or cared for someone who has. Your story can help us to make the case for change. 

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