Welfare benefits & mental Illness

This page looks at the different benefits that someone who is unwell may be able to claim. The government is making changes to the welfare benefits system.


  • You may be able to claim benefits if you are too unwell to work, on a low income or have care or mobility needs.
  • We suggest you get your benefits checked if you have a change in circumstances. This will make sure you get what you are entitled to.
  • If you have difficulties with benefits you should get advice and support from a welfare rights adviser.

We know that money and mental health problems often go hand in hand. That’s why Rethink Mental Illness, as part of Mental Health UK, have set up a new website. It will help you understand, manage and improve your mental and financial health. You can find a wide range of information to help you with your benefits.


Visit the Mental Health & Money Advice site now 

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