Debt - options when you are in debt

Debt can cause a lot of stress and impact on your mental health, but there may be options for dealing with it. If you are struggling with your debts it is important to speak to a specialist debt adviser.



  • If you have debt problems you should speak to a debt adviser. You can get free specialist debt advice. This could be a national or local service.
  • It can help to write a budget sheet showing your income and essential outgoings. This will show you how much you have got left over to pay your debts. It will also help you understand what options are available for dealing with your debt.
  • Separate your priority and non-priority debts. Priority debts are more important and you should deal with these first.
  • Consider all the options you have for dealing with your debt. A debt adviser will be able to explain how all the options will affect you.

We know that money and mental health problems often go hand in hand. That’s why Rethink Mental Illness, as part of Mental Health UK, have set up a new website. It will help you understand, manage and improve your mental and financial health. You can find a wide range of information to help you with your benefits.


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