If you are a smoker, how many times have you been asked to stop smoking?

It’s likely that the answer is a lot. Maybe you find it annoying to be asked? Perhaps you enjoy smoking or you think it helps to reduce your stress? Maybe you just think that it’s too hard to quit?

Unfortunately, there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s bad for you. If you are not a smoker but use cannabis, you may still use tobacco to smoke with the cannabis. This is also bad for you.

What if someone said that if you stopped you could feel healthier? Would you try? It could be a way to see if they’re right and you have nothing to lose from checking.

There’s now so much support available to help you quit that it could be worth a try. 

You can use this chart to monitor changes in your health when you’re not smoking. It’ll be a good way to see what you achieve. Perhaps your breathing is easier, or you notice you have more energy. Maybe you can climb the stairs faster.

It’s important to remember that these changes don’t happen over night and it might take a few weeks, but pay close attention to how you feel when you’re not smoking and you’ll be sure to see some really positive changes.

Isn’t there stop smoking medication?

Yes, but some of the medications used to help stop smoking can interact with medication for mental health conditions. This is something that your GP would need to check.

And don’t forget to also check if the medication you’re on can be affected. Smoking can reduce the levels of some medications in the blood. When you stop smoking, you might need a lower dose of your medication for it to have the same effect.

So how can I get help with stopping smoking?

You could:

  • Go to see your GP who could prescribe nicotine replacement patches or gum, or medication to help you stop smoking.
  • Join an NHS Stop Smoking Service locally that can offer one-to-one support or regular groups. You can contact NHS Smokefree to find your nearest service. Their details are in at the end of this section.


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