Wills and trusts

This page may help you if you care for someone who has a mental illness. You might have thought about how your money and your assets can be left to them when you die. This page looks at how you can plan and manage this by writing a will and setting up a trust. On this page, we call the person you want to leave your money and assets to ‘your relative’. But we realise you may not be related to them.


  • Planning ahead can help make sure your relative gets the most out of their inheritance.
  • An inheritance could affect your relative’s entitlement to benefits. And could lead to them being charged for social care services. A ‘discretionary trust’ may help to avoid these problems.
  • A discretionary trust means that your money and assets pass to ‘trustees’ instead of your relative. The trustees will hold your money and assets in trust for your relative. They will make decisions about when your relative can have money.
  • It is possible to write your will yourself. However, if the issues are complicated or if you plan to set up a trust, it is important to speak to a solicitor

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