Animation: What is the Care Act? 

Under the Care Act 2014, local authorities must assess the needs of any adult who requires care and support, regardless of their eligibility for state-funded care. This short animation tells you all you need to know.


  • The Care Act 2014 recognises the equal importance of supporting carers and the people they care for.
  • The Care Act gives carers the right to receive support from their local authority if they have eligible needs. You can get this support through a carer’s assessment.
  • If you care for someone, you have a legal right to have your caring needs assessed.
  • A carer’s assessment should look at all your needs. This includes the things you would like to be able to do in your daily life. Your needs should be written down in a support plan.
  • You can get a personal budget and direct payments from the local authority to pay for services.

For more information about The Care Act, please visit our Advice and Information page.

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