Our accounts and funding

In 2019/20, we invested £31.7m million to improve the lives of people severely affected by mental illness. This level of investment would simply not be possible without the help of our amazing supporters. 

During this period we directly helped 15,000 people through our network or services, and hundreds more through our peer support groups. Our advice an information line handled over 4,500 calls from people seeking practical support and information and we supported thousands more through our website and social media channels. 

For full details about our work in 2019/2020, as well as our income and expenditure, please download our annual report.


How we raised our money

The largest source of our income comes from contracts with local authorities and NHS Commissioners to deliver our services. As in previous years, the pressure for commissioners to look for savings continues, however despite a number of changes to our service delivery provision we have been able to mitigate losses through stabilising income in other services alongside some growth, particularly within our prison and criminal justice services. Thanks to the continued support from our generous donors, we have been able to increase our level of income from fundraising activities which has enabled us to continue to support our beneficiaries through a number of activities, including our campaigns, groups and information service line. This includes:

  • Donations and Legacies - £3,204,000
  • Charitable Activities - £28,115,000
  • Other Trading Activities - £151,000
  • Investment Income - £244,000

None of this would have been possible without the enthusiasm and generosity of our supporters, staff, volunteers and professionals. Thank you to everyone who helped us change so many lives.

Download our directors' report, trustees' strategic report and consolidated financial statement 

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