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Can the trustees actually look after the beneficiary?

No, the duty of the trustee is limited to managing and distributing the trust fund in line with the terms of the trust. In other words, this means that a trustee looks after the money rather than looking after the beneficiary personally. 

How will my loved one access the trust fund after I have passed away? 

When assets from your estate fall into the trust, we will contact the principal beneficiary directly to introduce ourselves. We will then let them know how they can contacts us to request payments from the fund. They can contact us either by calling a dedicated telephone number, e-mailing us or in writing. We will ask them questions about their request and the directors of Rethink Trust Corporation and any other trustee will make a decision about whether to release the funds.

How do I set up a trust with Rethink Trust Corporation?

Simply call us on 01458 258841 and we will provide you with more information and a questionnaire to complete and send back to us. The trust costs £350 to set up and you would need to provide proof of identification to ensure we comply with the Money Laundering Regulations. 

Where can I find out more about what it is like being a trustee?  

The Rethink Trust Corporation has put together a leaflet explaining what it is like to trustee, that includes case studies and frequently asked questions. You can download a copy here

Who are the directors of the Rethink Trust Corporation?

You can learn more about the directors of the Rethink Trust Corporation by visiting their profile page.

Who helps manage the trust funds?

We work with Arcadia Legal & Trust who take care of the accounting, tax and legal side of things in setting up a trust. Partners of Arcadia Legal & Trust have a wealth of tax and trust knowledge, including an in-depth knowledge of Rethink Trust Corporation.

One of the partners of Arcadia Legal and Trust, Steven Howells, has worked with us for many years and was until recently a director on the Board of Rethink Trust Corporation so you can be reassured he understands both the law relating to trust funds as well as the complexities of mental illness. 

We work with Rathbones, one of UK's leading providers of investment management services, to manage the investment of each trust fund.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have any questions or would like more information about setting up a trust fund with the Rethink Trust Corporation, you can call 01458 258841 or email

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