It's hard enough to experience mental health problems, without having to face the judgement, shame and isolation that often surrounds them. That's why we want to end mental health discrimination.

Time to Change is a growing social movement working to change the way we all think and act about mental health problems. It’s led by Rethink Mental Illness, in partnership with Mind, because stigma & discrimination has such a big impact on the lives of our supporters and members.

Time to Change works to change attitudes and behaviour towards people with mental health problems:

  • They have supported over 1,000 workplaces to change attitudes among their employees
  • They have supported over 2,000 schools to deliver assemblies and lessons, to influence the next generation
  • They support thousands of champions with lived experience to campaign for change in their local communities
  • They run national marketing campaigns, including Time to Talk Day and the In Your Corner campaign.   

National surveys show that, since Time to Change has been running, an estimated 4.1m people have improved their attitudes towards people with mental health problems.

No one should have to fear being treated differently because of a mental health problem.

"Having been on the receiving end of stigma or discrimination, I decided to start campaigning to change attitudes towards mental health. I do this in many ways: sometimes it’s by sharing information through social media or writing a blog, other times it’s organising a local event or helping with someone else's event in another part of the country. It is very satisfying to see real time change in people’s attitudes and reactions to mental health."

- James

James is a Time to Change Champion, one of thousands who campaign across England to change people’s attitudes towards mental illness. Join the campaign.
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