Information standard approved 

The Rethink Mental Illness Advice Service is a certified member of the Information Standard. This means you can be confident that we are a reliable and trustworthy source of health and social care information.

Having Information Standard accreditation means that all of our health and social care information has to go through a certain process. This includes:

  • involving people affected by mental illness when we produce or review our information
  • creating accessible, easy-to-understand and reliable sources of information
  • keeping all of our health and social care information correct and up-to-date.

Where you see the Information Standard logo, the information has been through this process.

The Information Standard covers both our webpages and our PDF factsheets. We produce our PDF factsheets first of all and put them through our information process. We then take this information and put it directly onto our website. So you can be sure that all of our health and social care information on our webpages has gone through the right process. 

You can see our sources of information on the PDF factsheets (in the References sections). 

The Information Standard only applies to certain pages on our website. It does not include user-generated information, weblogs, forums and personal experience pages. It only covers health and social care information, so our pages on things like debt and benefits are not covered either.

Can you help?

You might be someone with lived experience of mental illness or you might care for someone who does. You can help us to maintain and develop our health and social care information by volunteering to become a reviewer on our information panel. We are always keen to hear your thoughts on the information we produce and are constantly looking to make improvements. Being a reviewer would only take a few hours a year of your time and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. And it really can make a huge difference to us. If you would like to join our information panel, please contact our supporter care team or email

If you are a mental health professional and would be interested in being on our information panel, we'd love to hear from you too. Find out more here.

Our statement of responsibility

The Rethink Mental Illness Advice Service is responsible for the accuracy of the information on this website. Not all of the content on this website has been certified by the Information Standard as only the information which bears the Mark reaches the requirements of the standard. Neither the scheme operator, nor the Department of Health, who own the scheme, will have any responsibility for costs, losses or damages arising from the information being inaccurate or from us failing to include relevant information.



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